AGI L3 Summer training series

School is IN for summer! VIRTUAL TRAINING STARTS JULY 10 to take your STK skills to the Grand Master level. Our L3 Summer Series will cover three of the seven advanced CERTIFICATION tracks in their entirety.

* STK Analysis Workbench [1]. Streamline, organize, and extend STK using time, vector geometry, calculation, and spatial analysis tools.

* STK Coverage [2]. Analyze when and how well regions on or above the central body’s surface are “covered” by a collection of assets based on a user-defined performance criteria.

* Spacecraft Trajectory [3]. Create interactive spacecraft maneuvers and trajectory design using the Astrogator propagator.

A live instructor will teach the one-hour lessons for each track, with AGI engineers available to answer questions in real time. Join us for one, or all of these tracks to get started on your certification. If you complete four or more (the fourth on your own) of the seven available L3 tracks, you will earn the title of STK GRAND MASTER CERTIFIED; a fantastic demonstration of your advanced STK skills.

Learn more about our summer school program.

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