Adriatic Aerospace Association

Association of research institutions and high technology firms.

Research and development
A3 promotes the research and development of technologies, products, and services in the aerospace sector.
A3 is a center for connecting business entities in both domestic and international markets.
Education and consulting
A3 provides business and technological consulting.
Regional cooperation
Collaboration, not competition, is the key to success.

The goal of humanity we strive to achieve it

The Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) is a non-governmental, non-profit, and independent entity established with the objective of: The A3’s primary objectives are to:

  1. Promote research and development in the aerospace sector.
  2. Serve as a “point of contact” in projects.
  3. Provide education and consulting services.
  4. Engage in international cooperation.

The founding members are individuals and legal entities from the scientific and technological sectors with the primary intention of promoting these goals. A3’s activities include employees from companies and institutions in the science and education sectors who are willing to participate in the aerospace program of the Republic of Croatia. By joining this demanding endeavor, Croatia will be placed on the list of countries participating in one of humanity’s greatest endeavors. Joining this endeavor means working towards realizing this vision through participation in the design and implementation of projects both in Croatia and internationally. Participation can be through membership or through partnership as a collaborator on individual projects.

Space safety

The Brijuni Conference

September 25 – 28. 2024, Brijuni Island, Croatia

Keep up with the latest updates in aeronautics.

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