Perun I

The first Croatian satellite

The first project A3 is the development, assembly and launch of the Croatian 2U CubeSat satellite with a camera as the main payload. It is named after Perun, the god of thunder and lightning (thunderer), the supreme deity in the pantheon of Slavic gods according to Slavic mythology. We chose the name Perun because the symbol of the god Perun is similar to the logo of our project.

Project PERUN will involve a large number of young engineers and scientists who will be guided by experienced staff from universities and scientific institutions through project reviews and advice. These engineers and scientists will not only learn the theory of space engineering, but also gain practical experience. Students who acquire knowledge in aerospace often apply it in other high technologies – biomedicine, mechanical engineering, software engineering…

The main mission of the PERUN project is to photograph the Earth’s surface from space at an altitude of 550 km. The captured images will be used for educational purposes and the data will be accessible to all institutions, universities and schools to facilitate learning. In addition, this project aims to launch the first Croatian space program.

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Join the project by donating and let’s reach our goal together – into space. When you look down at Earth from orbit, you’ll be able to say, “I did it! Every contribution, big or small, is welcome and will help make this vision a reality. On our side, we have highly skilled engineers and enthusiastic young people; on your side, we have the funds to acquire the technology we need to master. We call it the synergy of science/technology and investment.

Sponzori projekta PERUN I:

Algebra d.o.o., Geolux d.o.o., Ruđer Bošković Institute, Digital Talents d.o.o., IJEX GmbH, Scam marine d.o.o., Internal d.o.o., ATIR d.o.o.