About us

The need for the human community to be a stable and prosperous society is to be creative in science and technology, and to be a leader and globally competitive.


It is clear that the human community needs to be a stable and prosperous society. In order to achieve this, it is essential to be creative in science and technology, and to be a leader and globally competitive. Two factors determine success: creative and educated community members and leadership with new ideas. For Croatia, as a small country with a reasonably educated population, it is therefore of the utmost importance to identify trends in the field of science and technology that are still in the conceptual phase and to encourage efforts in that direction. The commercialization of space is still in its early stages of development globally, and Croatia has the opportunity to join the project and participate as an active participant. This primarily requires defining a strategic direction for development in the aerospace sector, which could include partnerships in science and technology, as well as activities in the fields of space medicine, space law, and space tourism.


Research and development

A3 promotes research and development of technologies, products and services in the aerospace sector, ensuring economic and scientific benefits. 

A3 acts as an intermediary between scientific research institutions and economic entities oriented towards the development of new technologies for the aerospace sector, with the aim of raising the profile of domestic aerospace activities at both national and international levels.


A3 is a hub for connecting economic entities in the domestic and international aerospace market.

A3 brings together international aerospace agencies, creating an environment that engages all interested parties: industry, academia and the public sector, enabling growth in this rapidly changing sector.

Education and Consulting

A3 provides business and technology consulting services to operators and government agencies, as well as to expert bodies that express opinions on issues of public interest in the field of aerospace technology and its connection to supporting scientific and technical disciplines, education and popularization programs in the aerospace sector.

A3 inspires and supports the education and training of the growing generations of qualified professionals and scientists for the aerospace industry.

Regional cooperation

Cooperation, not competition, is the essence of success. The aerospace sector is particularly challenging due to its wide range of knowledge and skills, and without their mutual exchange among countries in the region and beyond, the individual efforts of any one country are destined to fail. This observation is a great motivation for A3 to bring together aerospace efforts in regional cooperation.

Research and development

Projects and the motivation for projects are the essence of our activities.

The foundation of spaceflight is how much useful payload can be transported with a given amount of fuel. This ratio determines the future of reaching distant regions of space. Chemical propulsion is still the foundation of space travel, but there is a limit to how much this ratio can favor the payload; there is a limit to how much chemical energy can be obtained per unit mass of fuel. Electromagnetic propulsion does not have these limitations, and without its use, the future of space travel is unimaginable.



A3 and Republic of Croatia Space Program (Proposal)


One of the most important activities of science and technology (and thus of our Association) is to present its activities, achievements and the importance of its work to the public. In this modern age, characterized by instant, unverified news (often exaggerated and exaggerated for commercial interests), it is of primary importance to provide the public with reliable and understandable information. This association is particularly committed to include the popularization of science and technology, with a focus on aerospace issues, in its work program.