Croatia Space Inspiration Program Embarks on Year 3 with Remarkable Success and Expansions

Croatia – December 15, 2023 – This school year marks a significant milestone for the Croatia Space Inspiration Program (CroSIP) as it celebrates the commencement of its third year. This awe-inspiring program, initiated in 2020, is a collaborative effort between the Lady Rocket Foundation (USA), AVISA Space Ltd. (Croatia), and the Ivan Gundulić Elementary School in Zagreb, Croatia. It is designed to kindle the flames of curiosity and inspiration for space among elementary school children in Croatia.

Under the dedicated guidance of the teachers at Ivan Gundulić Elementary School and the visionary leadership of AVISA Space, coupled with the relentless support from the Lady Rocket Foundation, the program has achieved tremendous success. More children now have the opportunity to become part of this thrilling space education journey.

The primary goal of the Croatia Space Inspiration Program is to introduce elementary school children to the fascinating world of space and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The program utilizes a modified NASA-JPL curriculum that includes engaging workshops and hands-on experiments, all tailored for elementary school students. The uniqueness of the program lies in its global outreach. Classes from participating countries connect, share their findings, and learn to communicate with students worldwide, thereby fostering a deep passion for space and inspiring young minds to pursue STEM fields.

The pilot project, initiated in Zagreb, set out to test the waters and lay the foundation for a continuous space education course. The resounding success of this endeavor, even during the COVID-19 pandemic and a constantly changing global landscape, showcased the power of cooperation and determination. Both the Lady Rocket Foundation and Croatian schools have demonstrated how collaborative efforts can open new and exciting opportunities for future generations.

As the Croatia Space Inspiration Program enters its third year, it expands its horizons. In partnership with the Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) and multiple elementary schools in Croatia, CroSIP is scaling up and offering space education to children across the entire country. The program is also eyeing international expansions, taking its message of space education to new countries and markets.

This significant achievement adds to the portfolio of successful programs conducted worldwide by the Lady Rocket Foundation. From the United States to Lithuania, LRF continues to expand its footprint and unite students globally under the common mission of space education and inspiration.

About Lady Rocket Foundation, A3 and AVISA Space

The Lady Rocket Foundation’s mission is to ignite a passion for space through innovation in entrepreneurship development, education, arts, media, and space-related research. LRF endeavors to make space more relevant on Earth by championing space innovations that improve lives and humanity on our home planet.

AVISA Space is a human space experience company dedicated to facilitating human access to space. By demonstrating future off-world capabilities, AVISA aims to pave the way for private exploration and settlement in space, ultimately catalyzing the true space economy. This journey is just beginning, and as we look to the future, the possibilities are limitless. 

A3 is a non profit association of science and technology institutions and individuals, all devoted to foster endeavor of bringing space closer to the people. This is achieved by education, spreading knowledge to wide population, initiating projects on all levels of space science and technology, and very importantly fostering international and regional collaboration.