Ivan Tomljenović

He currently holds the position of head of the Laboratory for Remote Research and GIS at the Institute for Applied Ecology – Oikon, where he manages projects received by the European Space Agency and coordinates the online study program of the University of Salzburg (UNIGIS) for the countries of the Balkan region, where he also holds lectures in the field of LiDAR applications. in remote sensing. He was appointed, by the Ministry of Science and Education, to the Horizon Europe program committee for digitization, industry and space. He holds a doctorate in applied geoinformatics from the University of Salzburg and a master’s degree in geodesy and geoinformatics from the University of Zagreb. He specializes in the field of remote sensing with a special focus on LiDAR, Sentinel missions, land cover mapping, automatic classification, the application of machine learning and convolutional neural networks, and the application of object-image analysis. He is known for his interactive teaching style and passion for technology. He spent six months on professional training in the United States of America at the University of Maryland as part of his doctoral studies.