Stevče Arsoski

Stevče Arsoski, born  1959 in Macedonia, had primary and secondary education in Sisak. He studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Zagreb and earned a degree in electrical engineer, and at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb graduated in didactic-pedagogical education. Works at the Technical School Sisak teaching electrical engineering and for the last 25 years the subject of interest is solar energy. Arsoski wrote 5 manuals in the area of ​​solar technology and participated in writing a professional book in the field of electrical lighting for the University J.J. Strossmayer in Osijek. He designed 4 didactic sets of solar technology that won two gold plaques at the International ARCA Innovation Salon in Zagreb and published over 40 professional articles in journals: Master, Solar Technology and Electronic World. Arsoski has delivered over 80 professional lectures on solar energy, LED lighting, solar cars, 3D technology, holograms and ionic motors. Author of the project SOELA ,  a solar powered car financed by the European Union funds. Arsoski ia also author of 3 curricula in the field of solar technology, author and project leader of “3D factories of the future” that is funded by the European Union funds. Arsoski won the State Prize for Technical Culture “Faust Vrančić” and the City of Sisak award.