Zdenko Uvalić

Zdenko Uvalic, BEng (Hons) Aerospace Eng., CEng MIMechE

Zdenko Uvalic was born 1966. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Kingston University, United Kingdom, where he earned his first degree with honours. Between 2001 -2007 he worked at EADS Astrium as a Principal Stress Engineer responsible for all the structural and design aspects of military and commercial telecommunication satellite antenna assemblies. In 2007 he joined EADS Astrium’s Earth Observation Navigation & Science Division where he worked on ExoMars rover programme as a Structural Architect responsible for design test and validation of structural subsystems. Between 2009-2013 he was accountable for all technical and design aspects of Sentinel 5p spacecraft’s structural and mechanical subsystems architecture. He received an award for an exceptional contribution to the project.

In September 2013, Zdenko took on the position of Senior Structural Engineer at Aircraft Research Association (ARA) in Bedford, UK.  His remit involved developing, introducing and verifying innovative multi-physics FEA, linear and non-linear methods and simulations, as well as enhancing generic static and dynamic analysis of wind tunnel test models.

In 2015 he returned to Airbus DS (former EADS Astrium) where he assumed role of a Mechanical Architect on Solar Orbiter programme as well as supporting other ongoing projects.

He is a charted engineer and member of Institute of Mechanical Engineers in the UK.