Giuliana Verbanac

Graduated in Physics from Faculty of science, University of Zagreb, Croatia, where she also earned her  Master degree in Atomic and Molecular physics and Astrophysics in 2002 and her doctorate in Physics (geophysics) in 2006. The master thesis she performed  at Astronomy Department, University of Berkeley, California and the doctorate thesis at GeoforschungZentrum Potsdam, Germany.

As winer of American and European scholarships, she has developed and gained scientific skills at varied institutions and universities with excellent reputation for the quality of research and teaching.  Since 1995 she  has been a Fellow at: Department of the Earth and planetary science Trieste, Italy; Astronomy Department at University of California at Berkeley, USA; Department of the Physics of the Earth’s at GeoForschungZentrum Potsdam, Germany; Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (Space Physics and STCE), Brussels.

Verbanac has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb since 2009. She teaches courses: Planets, Geomagnetism, Aeronomy, Planetary magnetism.

Her research is multidisciplinary comprising space physics, space weather, interacting system Sun-Earth, magnetospheric physics, geomagnetism.