Satellite Value Chain: Snapshots 2016 
Key trends and indicators on supply & demand on the World commercial satellite industry
Evaluation of the European Market Potential for
Commercial Spaceflight
The European Commission Enterprise and Industry (2013)
Satellite communication – developments, impact, challenges
Satellite Industry Association – State of the Satellite Industry (2016)
Space Activities in Europe
Presentation at University of Zagreb (2016)
by Bertram Arbesser-Rastburg
The Suborbital Space Tourism Project of EADS Astrium
Christophe Chavagnac,  Hugues Laporte-Weywada
German Aerospace Center
General overview
DLR Research Projects
a contribution to the Vision 2020
The space strategy 
German Federal Government
The Case for Space 2015
The impact of space on the UK economy
Suborbital Reusable Vehicles
A 10-Year Forecast of Market Demand
State of the Satellite Industry
Report 2016
Space – a data highway in progress