Research and development

Slobodan Danko Bosanac, prof. dr. sc.,

Mile Ivanda, dr. sc.,
Advanced Materials

Bojan Jerbić, prof. dr. sc.,
Intelligent Machines

Zoran Kahrić,
NASA and USA Based Aerospace Companies

Siniša Marijan, dr. sc.,
Embedded Control Systems & Laboratory Tests of Products

Frane Miloš, mr. sc.,
Software solutions and support for the satellite and space industry

Stanislav Pavlin, prof. dr. sc.,
Aviation traffic and transport technology

Ivica Smojver, prof. dr. sc.,
Aircraft and Rocket Structures

Zdenko Uvalić,
Aerospace Technology

Hrvoje Zorc, dr. sc.
Photonics and optical properties of condensed matter

Giuliana Verbanac, doc. dr. sc.
– space physics,
-space weather,
-interacting system Sun-Earth

Mario Bandić, dr. sc.
– magnetospheric physics
– space weather