Vision and Mission


Demand on human community to be stable and rich society is to be creative in science and technology, and in that to be a leader and competitive globally. Two factors determine success; creatively educated members of the community and leadership in new ideas. For Croatia, as a small country, with a reasonably educated population, it is therefore of utmost importance to determine trends in the field of science and technology that are still in the conceptual stage, and foster development efforts in this direction. Commercialization of Space is on the global level at an early stage of development and Croatia has a chance to join the project and participate as an active participant. This primarily requires defining strategic direction of development in the field of aerospace that involves partnership of science and technology as well as activities in the field of space medicine, space law and space tourism.

Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) was inaugurated  with that vision in mind having the main


Research and development
A3 fosters research and development of technologies, products and services in the aerospace sector, ensuring economic and scientific benefit.

A3 is a focal point for the interconnection of economic entities in the domestic and international markets for the industry in the aerospace sector.
A3 is a mediator between scientific research institutions and economic entities oriented to develop new technologies for aerospace sector with the aim of raising the profile of the domestic aviation space activities both on the domestic and international level.
A3 is a focal point for the international aerospace agencies  creating the environment where all stakeholders, i.e. industry, academy and public sector, are involved thus enabling the growth in this rapidly changing sector.

Education and counselling
A3 provides business and technology consulting for operators and government bodies, expert body to express their opinion on matters of public interest in the field of space technology and aeronautics and the link with supporting scientific and technical disciplines, education and popularization programs in aerospace sector.
A3 inspires and supports education and training of the rising generation of qualified aerospace experts and scientists.

Regional cooperation
Cooperation rather than competition is the essence of success. Aerospace sector is especially demanding on wide range of knowledge and skills and without their sharing among the countries of the region, and beyond, individual effort of one country is predestined for failure. This observation is great motivation for A3 to congregate aerospace efforts into the regional cooperation.