Founding Assembly (June 29, 2017)

The welcome word was given by the Director of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, PhD. Tome Antičić, followed by the lectures of the members of our association on the themes of their expertise.

Major General Aviation (UM) Viktor Koprivnjak, “The Air Force of the Republic of Croatia”
mr. Sc. Frane Milos (Amphinicy d.o.o), “Satellite Communication”
prof. Dr. Sc. Bojan Jerbić (FSB), “Intelligent Machines”
Dr. Siniša Marijan (Končar Institute), “Built-in Computers & Examinations in Accredited Laboratories”
prof. Dr. Sc. Ivica Smojver (FSB), “The Potential of International Co-operation of the Republic of Croatia in Aviation”

An overview of the Association’s assignments was given by prof. Dr. Slobodan Danko Bosanac, “A3 – Activities Direction”

Section for Space Technology at Mali Lošinj Re-socialization Center

Flying and reaching stars is one of the greatest incentives for imagination and creativity, and the “Space” is the key word that unites it. Encouraging creativity in the direction of space activities resulted in many successes in the exploration of Space as well as in the development of the material side of civilization. Initiative of A3 to establish Sections for Space Technology in Secondary Schools had precisely this ambition, to get students to know how some of their imaginations can be achieved. However, this initiative has also resulted in a completely different purpose, re-socializing children with problematic behavior. This direction of activity was noticed by Damir Preksavec, a teacher at the Mali Lošinj Resocialization Center (House), which has an internal vocational school under the auspices of Center of Education and has been operating since the foundation of the House in 1952, by establishing the Space Technology Section. Students, attendees of this school are children coming from all over Croatia.

According to Damir Preksavc, the Section for Space Technology helps his students in the process of re-socialization by teaching them competence in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology and other topics.

The Section is regularly attended by ten students and we are aware that our students are not interested in scientific work. Therefore, we emphasized the practical work and so, for example, the student Philip Filipović made from the wooden materials the model of the F-16. The plane is under construction. Great creativity of the student was used when making the plane, which is definitely important for the development of space technologies.

About school
The school is an indispensable part of the program of re-socialization of children and adolescents with behavioral disorders, and provides opportunities for education of children from the local community, especially in programs that are not represented in high school “A. Haračića “in Mali Lošinj.

The school carries out a curriculum for secondary education for the following three years of occupation:
1. Field of mechanical engineering: turner, plumber, locksmith and tinsmith
2. Field of catering and tourism: chef and waiter
3. Woodworking: woodworking

and two-year occupations:
1. The field of mechanical engineering: machine and construction monter
2. Field of work catering and tourism: assistant chef and assistant waiter
3. Wood Processing Area: Flooring

We also conduct an adult education program for all of these professional occupations. A training program is also being carried out for the pursuit of a profession in the profession of welder. We also have a primary school that we are pursuing according to the adult education program.

In addition to the school itself, we also have workshops where students take the knowledge of the professions for which they are trained (lathes, locksmiths, welders and carpenters), students attending waiters and chefs participate daily in preparing and serving lunches for all users of the House.

About Adria Space Conference 2019

The aim of the Meeting is to bring together regional activities in the field of Space research and development, to develop future technologies for the use in Space. We wish to intensify the regional collaboration where there is big difference in research and development in the field of Space. It should be opportunity for those with extensive experience to help those with no experience to the benefit of both.

The Meeting is organized by the Adriatic Aerospace Association, Zagreb, Croatia. We expect the sponsorship by the Ministry of Science and Education and some other associations.

The Meeting will include 2-3 topic lectures by eminent representatives from the European organizations, followed by 10 minutes short presentations by participating groups describing their state-of-the art achievements.

Bilateral meetings will be organized on the day preceding the Meeting at 5-7 p.m., followed by the welcome party.

We could also arrange for some space for those that wish to exhibit some of their products.

Adria Space Conference 2019

We are pleased to announce the 1st Adria Space Conference 2019 that is going to be held in Zagreb, Croatia on October 4th 2019.

Adria Space Conference 2019

Regional Cooperation on SpaceTechnology

Organizer: Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3)

Chair: Slobodan Bosanac Ph.D., President of the A3

Adriatic Aerospace Conference is the organizer of the first regional meeting devoted to collaboration in space technologies. The goal of the Conference is to stimulate and strengthen the regional cooperation in research and development of advanced technologies, mainly used in space activities. The profile of the Conference is one-day meeting, where all participants will briefly report on their current activities and future programs. This should give push for further common developments in the field of nano-satellite technologies like construction, functions, propulsion, communication, attitude control, and similar. It is intended that the conference acquires annual character as a gathering of participants in space research and development in SE Europe.