6-th SASSINI Hackhaton

VU Algebra is the organiser of the international 6th Cassini Hackathon for Croatia. As mentors from A3 are, Ph.D.  Ivan Tomljenović, OIKON, and Ph.D. Slobodan Danko Bosanac, president of A3.

Satellites have many purposes, but those that help our planet Earth make sustainable place to live in have the priority. The data that are provided by these satellites need to be analyzed and extract the meaningful information, Cassini international Hackathon https://www.cassini.eu/hackathons/ is the place where you can let your ideas flow and realize them. You can also learn much about the Space and what information is provided from there in the two week lecture series https://www.cassini.eu/hackathons/big-ideas-campaign , thus providing inspiration for your creativity.