Signed partnership with Asteroid Foundation

A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the Asteroid Foundation Asteroid Foundation for the purpose of joint promotion and education in space activities through the organization of joint lectures and conferences and the encouragement of projects that would serve the development of space technologies, primarily among young people. There is a special emphasis on informing the general public about the immediate dangers that come from space, in the form of meteoroids and asteroids. While meteoroids leave a mark in the atmosphere as meteors and their remains, meteorites provide information about the composition of the solar system, smaller asteroids can cause a spectacular scene by exploding in the atmosphere, causing minor or major damage, large asteroids can cause a global catastrophe until the extermination of a large part of life forms. One of the goals of the cooperation between the two organizations is to introduce the general public to these celestial bodies and those created by human activities (satellites), and how the Earth’s biosphere can be defended against these accidents.