Adria Space Conference, 12-13-May 2022


The basic dilemma in the planning of conquering Space is whether it is a human endeavour, or we let the job be done by artificial intelligence, more precisely androids. In both cases without artificial intelligence the plan is bound to fail, whether it is building and partnership in space stations or habitats on the Moon or Mars. At the root of this dilemma there are many challenges to be tackled if humans are the passengers in Space, whereas for artificial intelligence they are not much more problematic than for ordinary machines. Adriatic Aerospace Association, together with its partners, is organising a meeting to review the challenges of developing artificial intelligence that would work in partnership with humans, or that would be sufficiently autonomous in decision making and curiosity driven as humans are.

The aim of the conference is to foster and strengthen regional cooperation in research and development of these activities. The conference profile is a two-day meeting with plenary lectures by eminent speakers. The state-of-the-art in the field and future developments are the focus of the meeting, whereby groups from regional countries will participate and share their knowhow. The invited lectures will be followed by a panel discussion on the issue of the role of artificial intelligence in Space.