New Energy Days Conference

Within the Technical School Sisak, under the leadership of Professor Stevča Arsoski, working models of propulsion for the next generations of space vehicles are being made, using electromagnetic fields and ions.

It is in Poreč from January 26 to January 28. In 2022, the first conference entitled “Days of New Energies” was held. The organizer of a very interesting conference was the company BELMET 97 from Zagreb, and the sponsors are the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education and the Croatian-German Chamber of Commerce. At the invitation of the organizer prof. Arsoski gave a lecture on “Ionic motor drive for small satellites” with an emphasis on the school project of the functional model of the ion engine, which was made at the Technical School Sisak as part of the Workshop exercises. In addition to lectures, Arsoski demonstrated the work of the ion engine. In addition to the lecture, he also presented the Regional Competence Center of the Sisak Technical School, which is the only one to have a planned and implemented practicum for space technology. In addition to the work of the school, Arsoski presented the A3 association and introduced the participants to the PERUN project – the first Croatian satellite. Participants showed a high level of interest in the development and implementation of space technology education models in their schools.