Regional centre of competence in Sisak

The Regional Center of Competence in the sector of electrical engineering and computer science of the Technical School Sisak was established. Within the Center, there is a Practicum for Space Technology in which students will acquire competencies in the development, testing and launch of satellites. At the founding meeting on December 4, 2020 of the working group for space technologies, the director of TŠ Sisak prof. Davor Malović gave a detailed overview of the work and financial support to the Regional Center. These are members of the working group

  1. Stevče Arsoski, Technical School Sisak, leader of the working group
  2. Branislav Kostić, Technical School Sisak, Deputy Head of the working group, Member of the working Group
  3. Franjo Kozina, Faculty of Metallurgy, member of the working group
  4. Slobodan Danko Bosanac, Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3), member of the working group
  5. Mirta Medanić, Amphinicy Technologies, member of the working group

The regional center, the only one in Croatia that has a space technology section, will be of great importance for the acquisition of students’ knowledge in one of the most propulsive development directions of technology and science in the world. More about the Regional Center.