Learning about cross-curricular topics in schools

Students of the 4th grade of Ambroz Haračić Secondary School in Mali Lošinj for the profession of marine engineering technician, with prof. D. Preksavec (far left).

One of the active sections of space technology within the Mali Lošinj Education Centre is led by prof. Damir Preksavec. The activity is manifested in the creation of models of spacecrafts and aircraft, but also in the writing of essays on space technologies that are presented in the schools of Mali Lošinj. The activity is not only educational in nature, but plays a major role in the rehabilitation of children with problematic behaviour. The last essay had the role of emphasising the example of cross-curricular topics (MPT), known as extremely important interdisciplinary in science and technology. Education in schools on MPT has the same role as the learning of mathematics and physics. On the example of the complexity of the famous spacecraft, the students of the Ambroz Haračić High School in Mali Lošinj were introduced to the MPT concept. The observation of prof. Preksavca hopes that teaching students about space technologies will strengthen their resistance to stress, which is not lacking in everyday life.