Space crew Mali Lošinj

Damir Preksavec, professor at the Mali Lošinj Odgojni dom and founder of the Space Technology Section at the same one, gathered a team of students at the High School Ambroz Haračić in Mali Lošinj on the topic of space technologies. At the A. Haračić School, he teaches courses in electrical engineering and electronics as an external associate. One of the first projects of students inspired by space technology is the creation of a model of our 1U satellite, named Perun.

Student Jan Žugić
My ambition is to become a software engineer and work for faang companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), ie the biggest tech companies or even NASA / SPACEX. I am interested in modern and experimental technologies of the type composite materials (carbon fiber, fiberglass, clover), graphene, robotics (boston dynamics), development of artificial intelligence (machine learning), I think to go to Algebra as a software engineer after high school.

Student Luka Dudić
My ambition is to successfully complete the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka and board a ship and, if possible, a good company. My interests are renewable energy, space technology and everything related to space.

Student Marijan Matković
My ambition is to finish the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka and go sailing maybe a tanker or LNG. My interests are green energy, space science and technology, cryptocurrencies and gaming

Project “Learning Through Play”

In the Bogdan Ogrizović Library and Reading Room in Zagreb, on December 30, 2021, contracts were signed on the implementation of projects for the Call “Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to popularize STEM”. The contracted projects are worth more than 20 million kuna, and are co-financed from the European Social Fund and the State Budget in the position of the Office for Non-Governmental Organizations. The contract for the project entitled LEARNING THROUGH THE GAME, worth HRK 1,709,968.59, was signed on behalf of the project holder of the GAME OF KNOWLEDGE association, the president of the association Ida Srdić and a member of A3. In addition to the holders, the Adriatic Aerospace Association, FERIT Osijek, the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, HZTK, the University of Algebra and MIPRO are participating in the project as partners in the project. Workshops are organized in the implementation of the project “Learning through play”

New Energy Days Conference

Within the Technical School Sisak, under the leadership of Professor Stevča Arsoski, working models of propulsion for the next generations of space vehicles are being made, using electromagnetic fields and ions.

It is in Poreč from January 26 to January 28. In 2022, the first conference entitled “Days of New Energies” was held. The organizer of a very interesting conference was the company BELMET 97 from Zagreb, and the sponsors are the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education and the Croatian-German Chamber of Commerce. At the invitation of the organizer prof. Arsoski gave a lecture on “Ionic motor drive for small satellites” with an emphasis on the school project of the functional model of the ion engine, which was made at the Technical School Sisak as part of the Workshop exercises. In addition to lectures, Arsoski demonstrated the work of the ion engine. In addition to the lecture, he also presented the Regional Competence Center of the Sisak Technical School, which is the only one to have a planned and implemented practicum for space technology. In addition to the work of the school, Arsoski presented the A3 association and introduced the participants to the PERUN project – the first Croatian satellite. Participants showed a high level of interest in the development and implementation of space technology education models in their schools.