SGAC Croatia Webinar Series Episode 1: SGAC, the Space Industry for Young Professionals

The SGAC Croatia Webinar Series aims to inspire and motivate university students and young professionals in Croatia and abroad to grow a career in the space industry.

Inspired by the motivational stories from talented SGAC members from all around the world, the SGAC team in Croatia aims to bring the same excitement about space and self-development in Croatia and the region.
A series of 8 webinars will host local experts in various fields such as space science and engineering, space policy, space business and others, and give them a floor to share their projects, ideas, and experiences with the community.
Everyone is welcome to attend and will be able to interact with lecturers at the end of each webinar session.

The first webinar in this series will be about SGAC (Space Generation Advisory Council), the largest global organization of university students and young professionals in the space industry. SGAC is a permanent observer at the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS). It operates in 6 regions on 6 continents, gathers more than 15.000 members coming from more than 150 countries. One of them is Croatia. In this webinar you can learn more about the organization itself, how to join and contribute to its activities from a professional with the first-hand experience working in the satellite industry and volunteering at SGAC.

The webinar will end with a QA session. Each attendee will be able to ask questions – so do not miss it!

More on SGAC website: Space Generation Advisory Council

Join us together with our speaker:
Mirta Medanić, SGAC, National Point of Contact in Croatia

This webinar is hosted in partnership with Adriatic Aerospace Association, A3.

Notice: This webinar will be held in Croatian.

Mirta Medanić is a program manager at Amphinicy Technologies, a satellite software company from Zagreb and Luxembourg. At Amphinicy, she manages several EU-funded projects. One of them is Blink, a software solution for ultra-fast acquisition and processing of Earth observation data, granted by the Horizon 2020 program for innovative SMEs in the space sector.
She holds a master’s degree in Telecommunications and Computing from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the University in Zagreb (FER). She completed the Space Studies Program 2019 at the International Space University in Strasbourg and calls herself a Space Optimist.
Mirta volunteers for SGAC since 2017. As a National Point of Contact in Croatia, she promotes space science and education among the young community in the country. Mirta is passionate about working with people and travelling.

Brijuni Conference, 29-31 August 2022


The focus of the conference is on the scientific and technical aspects of communication with space vehicles in deep space, their navigation and propulsion, with an emphasis on new ideas. The conference is a meeting place for science and technology and business contacts. The afternoon is intended to establish contacts on joint development or business projects. Business and premises were organized for the presentation of research, development and new product results. The conference is aimed at space scientists and engineers, companies that develop state-of-the-art technology and, most importantly, students and young scientists and engineers.

Adria Space Conference 2019

We are pleased to announce the 1st Adria Space Conference 2019 that is going to be held in Zagreb, Croatia on October 4th 2019.

Adria Space Conference 2019

Regional Cooperation on SpaceTechnology

Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3)
Ruđer Bošković Institute
University of Zadar

Sponsored by:
The Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia

Chair: Slobodan Bosanac Ph.D., President of the A3

Adriatic Aerospace Conference is the organizer of the first regional meeting devoted to collaboration in space technologies. The goal of the Conference is to stimulate and strengthen the regional cooperation in research and development of advanced technologies, mainly used in space activities. The profile of the Conference is one-day meeting, where all participants will briefly report on their current activities and future programs. This should give push for further common developments in the field of nano-satellite technologies like construction, functions, propulsion, communication, attitude control, and similar. It is intended that the conference acquires annual character as a gathering of participants in space research and development in SE Europe.

More information on web page of the Conference.

Organizing Committee:

S. Bosanac, Ph.D., Adriatic Aerospace Association
M.Ivanda, Ph.D., Ruđer Bošković Institute
I. Jakić, CEO, IJEX GmbH
D. Kočiš, Adriatic Aerospace Association, World Space Week Croatia
I. Ljubić, Ph.D., Ruđer Bošković Institute
G. Verbanec, Ph.D., University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science,
H. Zorc, Ph.D., Adriatic Aerospace Association
S. Petrović,
D. Ramljak, Ph.D., Senior Science and Innovation Expert The World Bank

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