IEEE lecture: Challenges in space technology and some practical aspects of building and managing spacecrafts

This lecture covers some very inetersting thoughts and experienced overview of ever interesting space technology challenges and corresponding practical aspects in solving it, presented by two distuinguished and experienced scientists, prof. Slobodan Danko Bosanac from Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) and its colleague Zdenko Uvalić from Airbus.

The lecture is divided into two part where first talk will be devoted to space technology challenges with practiacal examples in efforts to make and launch first Croatian satellite Perun 1, and the second, experience-rich talk from mr. Uvalić on spacecrafts managing in general, i.e. spacecraft accommodation challenges with overview on the functional subsystems, environmental loading on spacecraft during flight and in orbit and qualification and verification philosophy of space components and systems. The concludal part of lecture will give an overview of cubesat Perun 1p – first Croatian satellite.

More on: Challenges in space technology and some practical aspects of building and managing spacecrafts – SMC28 – sustavi, čovjek i kibernetika – IEEE

Challenges in space technology and some practical aspects of building and managing spacecrafts : vTools Events (

Željko Ivezić appointed Director of Rubin Observatory Construction

Željko Ivezić, member of A3 Managing Board, has been appointed director of the construction of a very demanding and important Rubin Observatory project, starting on 3 January 2022.

The Rubin Observatory will play an important role in answering some important questions about understanding the structure of the universe, its beginnings, details of our planetary system and our domicile galaxy, Milky Way. The technological challenges surrounding the construction and operation of the Observatory are described in more detail in the Rubin Observatory .

We wish our member of A3 Board of Directors a lot of success in this challenge and once the Rubin Observatory starts working, we believe that our members will be able to get involved in the analysis of a huge amount of data.

Željko Ivezić appointed Director of Rubin Observatory Construction | Rubin Observatory (

Invitation to a webinar “SpaceIL Beresheet program – past and future and technology challenges”

Mr. Ilan Mor, Ambassador of the State of Israel and Dr. Slobodan Danko  Bosanac, President of the Adriatic Aerospace Association are pleased to invite you to a webinar entitled

“SpaceIL Beresheet program past and future and technology challenges” by Brig. General. (res.) Shimon Sarid.

The webinar will be held in English via the Zoom platform on the following link:

on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 , beginning at 16,00 hrs (Croatian time).

The lecture is expected to last for 60 minutes, followed by questions from the audience.

Brig. General (res.) Shimon Sarid gained experience in engineering, command, and management throughout his 28-year tenure with the Israeli Air Force Most recently, he headed the technical division for the IAF, and after that he held various leadership positions for defence contractor Elbit Systems, most notably as CEO of their Silver Arrow subsidiary and as the VP of their Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV division he initiated and led the development of the Hermes 900 UAV in addition to other projects during his tenure with Elbit).

Shimon Sarid graduated from Technion University in Haifa with a bachelor’s degree in Space and Aeronautics Engineering, and earned his masters through a joint degree program offered by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Boston University, focusing on science management.

“SpaceIL continues its educational activities meant to advance the next generation of Israeli scientists and engineers,” SpaceIL co-founder Kfir Damari said.

“Together with Shimon and under his leadership, we are confident that we can advance an additional space project and inspire more youths to learn – and study space and, most importantly, to work toward realizing their dreams”.

Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed with the Center for Space and Innovative Technology Sisak

On April 30, 2021. The Adriatic Aerospace Association Strategic Cooperation Agreement was signed with the Sisak Center for Space and Innovative Technology. The contract was signed by representatives of two organizations, in front of the Center, Acting director Stevče Arsoski, and in front of A3, president Slobodan Danko Bosanac.

The agreement was signed in order to achieve strategic and business cooperation in the field of space technology development in the Republic of Croatia. The agreement defines the rights and obligations of the two organizations in the implementation of the strategic project of the Center “Sisak-Moslavina County – the Seat of Space and Innovative Technology” and the business project of the Association “Perun I. – Launch of the first Croatian satellite”. Also, a contract was signed with a colleague and team member of Perun I, Jurica Kundrata on employment at the Center as an associate member.