Meeting with the Ambassador of India


The meeting with the Ambassador of India Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava was held on September 29, 2023 in the premises of the Indian Embassy on the subject of cooperation in space projects. The meeting was attended by the president of the Adriatic Aerospace Association, Mr. Slobodan Danko Bosanac. After congratulating on the great success of the Indian space program, which resulted in an extraordinary complex maneuver of landing the lunar vehicle near the south pole of the Moon, Mr. Bosanac described the Association’s activity with an emphasis on possible elements of cooperation. Mr. Srivastava, for his part, gave his support to these activities and emphasized his readiness to facilitate close cooperation on the development of these activities for mutual benefit. Special support was given to the activities of the Association on the development of regional cooperation, and as an example of such cooperation, Mr. Srivastava described the SAARC project led by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Help was offered to achieve this cooperation. In a very pleasant conversation, the meeting lasted an hour and a half.

Signed Cooperation Agreement between A3 and FabLab

A cooperation agreement was signed between the FabLab (fabrication laboratory) association, which deals with the promotion of digital fabrication, and the Adriatic Aerospace Association. On the FabLab side, the contract was signed by their president, Roberto Vdović, and on the A3 side, Slobodan Danko Bosanac. The FabLab Association is an international consortium of a large number of small workshops that offer (personal) digital fabrication of devices for educational purposes. By signing the Agreement with the Croatian FabLab, A3 will be involved in the education of space technologies for young people, but both parties will also benefit greatly from complementary activities as well as international contacts.


Signed partnership with Asteroid Foundation

A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the Asteroid Foundation Asteroid Foundation for the purpose of joint promotion and education in space activities through the organization of joint lectures and conferences and the encouragement of projects that would serve the development of space technologies, primarily among young people. There is a special emphasis on informing the general public about the immediate dangers that come from space, in the form of meteoroids and asteroids. While meteoroids leave a mark in the atmosphere as meteors and their remains, meteorites provide information about the composition of the solar system, smaller asteroids can cause a spectacular scene by exploding in the atmosphere, causing minor or major damage, large asteroids can cause a global catastrophe until the extermination of a large part of life forms. One of the goals of the cooperation between the two organizations is to introduce the general public to these celestial bodies and those created by human activities (satellites), and how the Earth’s biosphere can be defended against these accidents.

CASSINI Hackhaton at ZICER

Join the CASSINI Hackathon in Zagreb!

Can you create solutions using space technology to help strengthen Europe’s security? The 5th CASSINI Hackathon is open for entries.

Be inspired by experts, learn to access data from Copernicus, EGNOS and Galileo, and connect with a team to build your solution. There are three challenges on the theme of defence and security:

  • Enabling cross-terrain mobility
  • Making the seas more secure
  • Protecting our critical infrastructure

Already working closely with the Croatian defence sector, local organiser ZICER will welcome leading experts – like SES Techcom – to this edition of the Hackathon. From physical security to cybersecurity, our local challenges are diverse. Are you ready to tackle them?

Join us in Zagreb between Friday 24th and Sunday 26th of March. All you need is an interest in space technology – and the motivation to develop a winning idea. There are local and international prizes for the best team giving the winners the support they need to launch their ventures!

Europe-wide CASSINI Hackathons are a major opportunity to develop ideas for digital application of space data. They are particularly addressed to students, graduates, researchers and teams/startups in their very early stages. Each hackathon takes place simultaneously in ten European cities and the local organizers offer everything needed to form a great team, learn about accessing space data, identify customer needs, and start working on digital solutions.

CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring are part of the European Commission’s CASSINI initiative to support space entrepreneurship. The initiative tackles global challenges through space technologies.

ZICER – Zagreb Innovation Centre is organizing the Croatian edition of the CASSINI Hackathon. The 5th CASSINI Hackathon: Space for Defense & Security will take place from 24 to 26 March, 2023. ZICER is the nation’s leading startup incubator and accelerator and the largest startup hub in Croatia.


Prior to the hackathon, Big Ideas Campaign will be held from March 6 to 10, 2023 (also at ZICER). This preparatory week will feature several warm up events (keynote speeches, fireside chats etc.) that will provide inspiration and additional information to participants who have registered for the hackathon and interested parties.


  • 1st Prize – EUR 5,000
  • 2nd Prize – EUR 1,000
  • 3rd Prize – Goodie packages
  • Special prize powered by SES Techcom: A 6-month paid internship at SES Techcom in Luxembourg

Meet ZICER, Croatian local organiser of the 5th CASSINI hackathon

ZICER – Zagreb Innovation Centre is the nation’s leading accelerator and incubator and the largest start-up hub in Croatia. This organisation was founded by the City of Zagreb and aims to identify, grow, connect and finance tech startups and entrepreneurs. Inside the flagship centre 90 start-ups are currently incubated, receiving support to develop, launch and market their innovative solutions. ZICER has, over the past 28 years, assembled expert programs to mentor innovative ventures. Its collaborations with companies, authorities and investors make it the perfect place to turn ideas into entrepreneurship!

Register now!

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn about satellite technology – and build your own solutions – from the entrepreneurial heart of Croatia’s thriving space sector.

Register now via!

The final conference on the Digital Education project was held

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, starting at 11:00 a.m. in the PISMO incubator building (Trg Luka Ilića Oriovčanina 8, Novska), the final conference on the Digital Education project (UP. was held.


At the conference, the project team presented the project goals, target groups, project elements, project activities and achieved project results. With the Digital Education project, members of the associations A3, Igra znjana and HZTK were trained to carry out the activities of creating and using educational materials to respond to crisis situations. Mechanisms of intergenerational solidarity and learning of the elderly with the help of the younger ones in the field of ICT have been developed.

Digital educational materials will remain permanently available on the created web portal The project also organized the development of strategies and innovative tools for managing crisis situations for Sisak-Moslavina County in the field of digital satellite data.
The total value of the project is €59,550.17 (448,680.78 HRK), and the funds are provided from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia (15%) and from the European Social Fund (85%).

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.
The project is co-financed by the Office for NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.
The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of the Adriatic Aerospace Association.
For more information on EU funds: and

Invitation to participate in the SESA regional project: We are sending children’s imagination into space!


– Artistic works about space, fly into space! –


Svemirska asocijacija jugoistočne Europe (SESA) zajedno sa partnerima iz Indije lansirati će zajednički satelit u orbitu, a ovim putem Jadranska aero-svemirska asocijacija, kao članica SESA-e, obavještava zainteresiranu djecu i mlade, poglavito vrtićke i osnovnoškolske dobi o pokretanju kampanje slanja dječjih umjetničkih radova u svemir na prvom ovakvom satelitu u kojem sudjeluje i Hrvatska.

Ovo će biti posebna, dodatna, misija zajedničkog satelita u kojoj će sudjelovati djeca iz cijele regije pod nazivom: „Šaljemo dječju maštu u svemir!“

Zadatak za mališane je nacrtati ili izraditi rad na temu svemira, fotografirati ga i poslati nadležnoj organizaciji u svakoj SESA članici – BIH, Crnoj Gori, Hrvatskoj, Sjevernoj Makedoniji i Srbiji. Svi dostavljeni materijali biti će objavljeni na stranici SESA-e ( i spremljeni u memoriju satelita te lansirani u svemir do kraja godine.

Objavom na Internet stranici svi će imati trajnu potvrdu o sudjelovanju, a uvid u materijal biti će neprestano javno dostupan.

Mnogi danas govore kako se djeci ne pruža dovoljno mogućnosti, posebice u STEAM području, sudjelovanju na međunarodnim projektima, suradnji na zajedničkim projektima s djecom i mladima iz regije, građenju bolje budućnosti kroz prijateljstva i zajedništvo. Cilj naše kampanje „Šaljemo dječju maštu u svemir“ upravo je jedinstvena prilika djece iz regije da budu uključena u ovaj projekt koji će ostati zabilježen u povijesti svih susjednih država članica SESA-e kao jedan od sjajnih primjera edukativne suradnje okrenute budućnosti i usvajanju novih znanja i vještina. Neka nam zajednički satelit i nakon lansiranja bude svima „zvijezda“ vodilja na noćnom nebu, svijetla točkica u koju ćemo svi zajedno gledati s nadom i vjerom u bolje sutra za sve nacije, gradeći dobrosusjedske odnose, a kroz naše aktivnosti postati uvaženi građani svijeta i budući stručnjaci, inženjeri, vrsni znanstvenici na području svemirskih tehnologija.

Danko Kočiš, glavni tajnik Jadranske aero-svemirske asocijacije i predsjednik Svjetskog tjedna svemira Hrvatska.

Jadransko aero-svemirska asocijacija, kao odgovorna organizacija za realizaciju ove kampanje u Hrvatskoj, poziva; vrtiće, osnovne škole, roditelje, učitelje, nastavnike, profesore da obavijeste djecu o kampanji i načinu sudjelovanja. Kampanja je produžena do kraja veljače 2023. godine uslijed odlaganja lansiranja INDO-SESA satelita za ožujak.

Kliknite dolje na link i ispunite formular da bi uspješno poslali rad (fotografiju):

***Napomena: Za slanje formulara neophodno je imati G-mail.

Za sve probleme tehničke prirode, obratite nam se putem e-pošte na:

*Podsjećamo, INDO-SESA satelit je jedan od 75 indijskih satelita koji će biti lansirani povodom proslave 75 godina nezavisnosti Republike Indije. Jedan od 75 satelita dodijeljen je SESA-i. Kampanja u Hrvatskoj provodi se u suradnji s Jadransko aero-svemirskom asocijacijom kao i Svjetskim tjednom svemira Hrvatska.

Start of intergenerational education on the Digital Education project

The Digital Education project (UP. invests in innovative and different education and establishes mechanisms of intergenerational solidarity based on the teaching of the elderly by the younger, thereby increasing digital literacy and good governance in the local environment through increased resistance to crises. situations.

The end users are vulnerable groups of the elderly population at risk of social exclusion and young people in secondary schools who lack work experience for better employability.

Through the project, it is planned to hold 6 intergenerational educations for 24 people, and on November 23, 2022. was held first. Students of the Novska secondary school, majoring in video game development technician and users of the Day Center for the Elderly in Novska participated in the training. Education will be held throughout November, December and January.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.
The project is co-financed by the Office for NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.
The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of the Adriatic Aerospace Association.
For more information on EU funds: and