The Brijuni Conference 2022
The Brijuni Conference 2022

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The Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) is a non-governmental, non-profit and independent association established with the objectives of: 1. stimulating research and development in the aerospace sector, 2.) mediating projects as a point of contact, 3 .) education and counseling; and 4.) international cooperation. The founding members are natural and legal persons from the scientific and technological sector with the basic intention of promoting the stated goals. Activities A3 include employees of companies and institutions in the science and education sector willing to participate in the aerospace program of the Republic of Croatia, thereby listing Croatia in the list of countries participating in one of humanity’s largest ventures. Joining this demanding endeavor means working towards the realization of this vision through participation in the design and implementation of the project in Croatia and internationally. Participation can be through membership but also through partnership as a collaborator on individual projects


Project Perun I


Project Perun I demonstrates the possibility of launching the first-ever Croatian satellite. Its purpose lays in educational and scientific development supported by local economic operators.


Adria Space Conference: AI in Space

Exploring space and man’s going into space is unthinkable without an artificial intelligence partnership, as such an endeavour is an extremely demanding job and an expensive project. Organized by the Adriatic Space Association and co-organized by the Ruđer Bošković Institute, University of Zadar, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb and the University of Algebra, at …

IEEE lecture: Challenges in space technology and some practical aspects of building and managing spacecrafts

This lecture covers some very inetersting thoughts and experienced overview of ever interesting space technology challenges and corresponding practical aspects in solving it, presented by two distuinguished and experienced scientists, prof. Slobodan Danko Bosanac from Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) and its colleague Zdenko Uvalić from Airbus. The lecture is divided into two part where first …