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The Adriatic Aerospace Association (A3) is a non-governmental, non-profit and independent association established with the objectives of 1. stimulating research and development in the aerospace sector, 2.) mediating projects as a point of contact, 3.) education and counselling; and 4.) international cooperation. The founding members are natural and legal persons from the scientific and technological sector with the basic intention of promoting the stated goals. Activities A3 include employees of companies and institutions in the science and education sector willing to participate in the aerospace program of the Republic of Croatia, thereby listing Croatia in the list of countries participating in one of humanity’s largest ventures. Joining this demanding endeavour means working towards the realization of this vision through participation in the design and implementation of the project in Croatia and internationally. Participation can be through membership but also through partnership as a collaborator on individual projects


Project Perun I


Project Perun I demonstrates the possibility of launching the first-ever Croatian satellite. Its purpose lays in educational and scientific development supported by local economic operators.


Visit to the Government of Catalonia delegation head office

Mr. Eric Hauck, head of the Catalan government delegation for Southeast Europe, based in Croatia, received the president of the Adriatic Aerospace Association, Mr. Slobodan Bosanac, for a visit on April 18 on the topic of cooperation in the field of space. The Government of Catalonia launched the New Space Strategy program with the aim …

Test of HAN propellant for CubeSats

One of the challenges for CubeSat is efficient change of orbits, which would enable them to perform important tasks: hunting space debris, choosing remote sensing sites, cooperation with other partners. Dalian University of Technology launched a 12U CubeSat Dalian-1 Lianli with 17kg, Chinese company Cosats Co. Ltd. as the provider of Deployer, HAN Thruster, etc., …

Meeting with the ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China

The meeting with the Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China, H.E., Mr. Qi Qianjin, was held on January 17, 2024 on the topic of cooperation between A3 and the Deep Space Exploration Lab (DSEL), a project of the China National Space Administration. On behalf of A3, the meeting was attended by A3 president Slobodan …

Croatia Space Inspiration Program Embarks on Year 3 with Remarkable Success and Expansions

Croatia – December 15, 2023 – This school year marks a significant milestone for the Croatia Space Inspiration Program (CroSIP) as it celebrates the commencement of its third year. This awe-inspiring program, initiated in 2020, is a collaborative effort between the Lady Rocket Foundation (USA), AVISA Space Ltd. (Croatia), and the Ivan Gundulić Elementary School …

Visit to the People’s Republic of China 19-28 November 2023

Visit of A3 to PR China by Prof. Slobodan Bosanac, was initiated by the invitation to give a lecture at the thematic discussion “Industrial talent cultivation” within the conference MYLAKE Aerospace Information Industry International Ecosystem Event 2023, which was held in Chongqing from 20th to 21st. November. At the end of the conference, the stay …

Cooperation agreement with Deep Space Exploration Laboratory

On 24. November 2023 Adriatica Aerospace Association signed the agreement (MoU) of cooperation with the China Deep Space Exploration Laboratory (DSEL) on the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). The Laboratory was co-established in 2022 by the China National Space Administration (CNSA), Anhui Province and the University of Science and Technology of China. The laboratory is …